90% of global senior executives and project management experts say well executed project management techniques and practices are the key to delivery of successful results and gaining a competitive edge.

If you want to be part of the growing body of Project Management Professionals (PMP), let us help. We are Global Project Management and we are committed to your success and right now I want to tell you how we are uniquely qualified to prepare you for Project Management. We provide value beyond student expectations while remaining cost effective. A transparent multi-video online learning track which incorporates Project Management learning theory and real-life practice, our instructor knows project management forwards and backwards. Our program provides a “turn key system” that shows you everything you need to pass the PMP Exam and succeed as a PMP. We offer you MUCH more than other training companies!

Our team is a very eclectic group as we have different skillsets that play a vital role in the success of our company, we will use the same skills in your development as a PMP. We take pride in helping you achieve your goals. We not only want to help you pass your PMP exam but we want to help you be successful in your career. Want to learn more about Global Project Management? Please feel free to ask questions at any time! The staff member who is most qualified to answer will do so in a timely manner. E-mail, Call, Text! We want to hear from YOU!

Our blog is designed to be light hearted and will be all about YOU and your development as a PMP. This will include resume and interview tips, overviews of each chapter of the PMBOK (this book will become part of you before you take your exam if you haven’t already done so), importance of being a PMP, how to maintain your PMP, fun facts, lessons learned, training advice, how to connect with your team members and much more.  So, stop back, we are glad to have you!

Onward to Excellence,

GPMISS staff