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Jack Harpool

Author and Course Lecturer
A Practical Guide to Project Management Principles: Pass the PMP Exam

My Core Values: To Live, Learn, Love, Give, and Leave a Legacy

My Favorite Quote: “I will strive and get ready and perhaps one day my chance will come” -President Abraham Lincoln

Dr Jack D. Harpool, PMP, is the Founder and CEO of Global Project Management Information Systems Services, which has been in business for over a decade, and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Dr. Harpool has served as a consultant both to the Federal Government and to commercial businesses, Ashland University and worked as a Senior Plans and Operations Information Technology (IT) Consultant to the Pentagon with a Top Level Secret Security Clearance and for the Under – Secretary of the US Army, Department of Defense on numerous, special classified IT projects.

A graduate of the University of Akron with an earned PhD and a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College, Dr. Harpool retired as an Army Reserve Officer at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

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Background : My brother Jerry (former Pastor of Grace Bible Church, New Franklin Ohio), and my Dad and I, would view the National Geographic Magazine films. These educational films were sponsored by my late father’s employer: The BFG Goodrich Co, now the Bridgestone-Firestone Company. My father was a factory worker in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He manually built tires, often working till midnight, in the hot and sweltering heat produced by the curing tire molds. This was a strong man’s job where the factory floor was rightly called the Pit.

Abraham Lincoln words left an indelible mark on my young mind, as I remember my Dad coming home late at night, bone tired and covered with the black carbon soot of his work.
“If only that statement were true, I would wonder?” My father had a 3rd grade education and my mother, a 9th grade education twice. Hungry for a formal education, she had “begged” her teacher to allow her to once again repeat her 9th grade, because there were no high schools in walking distance where she lived on a remote farm in the mountains of Tennessee.

My brother and I grew up on Home Avenue located in the North Hill (inner city) area and were taught and conditioned by both parents: “to study, to learn and to do”. My parents were extraordinary hard workers, who both wanted their boys to “amount to something”.

While in Junior High school, my Dad and brother Jerry and I would go to the Salvation Army, Goodwill and the Akron-City Dump to purchase used bikes to renovate and resell. As a young lad this was the beginning of my business career– Dad being the bike engineer and Mom being the motivator. Every Fall and Winter, we would rebuild some 20 to 25 bikes which were resold come Spring.

My 7th grade year, I remember that my Mom, while preparing supper, spoke to my Dad; if “Jack doesn’t settle down and become focused”, that she “doubted he would be able to “enter” college, let alone “graduate” from college”. I was alone studying in my bedroom becoming extremely depressed upon hearing this. I shortly afterwards, challenged her statement and she said that it was true. Days later, I decided not to live that scripted statement, but to the contrary, decided to disprove ‘her prediction”.
During North High School, I had my first “promotion”, encouraged by my mother, I took a job as a “custodial helper”. The pay was 90 cents an hour and my brother and I worked Monday through Friday every week from 3:30 to 7:30 PM. We cleaned everything that needed cleaned. After work, I studied late at night preparing for the next day of school. I was “studying, learning and doing” at the same time.

In the early 1960’s, I was a student at the University of Akron (U of A) majoring in Industrial Management and working some 30 hours per week at the A and P Grocery Store. During my Junior and Senior years, I received an ROTC Army scholarship and was later commissioned as a Reserve officer- 2nd Lt. in the US Army at 22 years old. The Viet Nam war was full tilt and I delayed entry into the military to achieve an MBA at U of A., after spending two (2) years on active duty (in California and Korea in Information Technology) and later was honorably discharged. Returning to UA as a professor of their Computer Systems Program and in addition completed a PhD. I was studying and learning and doing and Abraham Lincoln’s statement was becoming true for me, with God’s help. During my tenure at AU, I wrote numerous college level text books that would be used at well over 350 US and international universities. I would later be “called up in the 1970″s” as an Army Reservist and ultimately retire as a Lt Colonel assigned to special classified IT Pentagon ‘top secret” projects, while also being a full time Professor at UA. In addition to UA I was also a professor at Youngstown State University and Ashland University
I am happily married to Elaine, my dear wife of 45 years she is my best friend and help mate in life. She has been encouraging and faithful in so many endeavors. Without her and her equally hard work and support, any measure of success would not have been achieved….”two are better than one”. We have 2 very successful children and are the proud grandparents of 4 grandchildren. My wife is my partner in our business- Greensburg Park Self Storage, located in Green Ohio. My story includes so many others that have helped me in so many ways from financially, teaching, advise, encouragement and support.

This is my personal story. I have no idea what the future holds, but this I do know “GOD holds the Future” and that if you seek GOD in your life, your life’s journey can be exciting, certainly not always predictable and oftentimes extremely difficult, dangerous and possibly placed in harm’s way. Still … GOD promises to lead us as we acknowledge Him.

Remember: our former President Lincoln’s statement:
“I will strive and get ready and perhaps one day my chance will come.”
May GOD bless you in all that you do and…
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Mt 5:16)

Our Team

Arif Morshed Azad

Global Outreach Marketing, Technology, Procurement Sourcing

My Core Values: Responsibility, Integrity, Courtesy, Drive

My Favorite Quote: “You can if you believe you can — You can if your team believes you can.”

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Background : I always wanted to be a Journalist but I ended up graduating in Chemical Engineering. I pursued MBA in Finance to learn the financial aspect of Project Management. Then I pursued MBA in Project Management, Business analytics to learn the analytical and technical aspect of Project management.

After graduating I have worked for different projects in Manufacturing and IT domain. I have enjoyed working in a Projectized environment because it required curiosity of a journalist for every new project. At the same time, it gave the pleasure of being creative as every project is unique. At GPMISS I am working in a team to create a unique learning method that will help students to master Project Mangement skills and be successful in the work environment at a global scale.

Education: (Formal or Certifications):  

B. Sc. Chemical Engineering, B.U.E.T
M.B.A. Finance, IBA University of Dhaka
M.B.A. Project Management- MIS- Business Analytics, Ashland University
PMP PMI Institute
Prince2 BDJ Training
Six Sigma Green Belt Ashland University
GXP RW GMP Consultancy Limited, UK

Other Information: I grew up in an environment where being competitive was the only way to survive. I wrote my favourite quote “You can If you believe you can” in my washroom mirror and every morning I used to recite it to myself.

I started my journey as a Project Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company where time was invaluable, cost cutting was the motto and quality was the only option. Basically, all the three constraints of project management were present in the work environment. We were a group of young professionals. We created a wonderful team and delivered a great success. I changed my favourite quote to “You can If your team believe you can”.

At GlobalProject.Management we have created a team that believes in teamwork and motivated to deliver something great to the students, to the society and to the humanity at large.

Don Culp

Strategic Planning and Education Programming

My Core Values: Integrity, Dedication, Passionate, Risk-Taker

My Favorite Quote: “Looking into the future is like looking at the cake. Until you take a bite, what do you really know…..and then of course…..it’s too late” – Merlin the Magician

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Background:  Dad was a NASA Engineer, both my brother and I received a BS in Chemistry (he’s now a Ph.D.) and my sister was the lead programmer for the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. So you could say the home was pretty scientific but not nerdish or stuffy. I learned logical thought early on, how to break a problem down. Later in life as I learned Six Sigma, I realized it’s the Scientific Method applied to business processes. Way cool!

The success of my professional career is based on a foundation of education and continuing education. And I realized that my true love was to educate others. I started teaching training courses, then became an Adjunct Professor to Ashland University’s MBA department, and now GPMISS! There’s a thrill when you realize you’ve helped a student achieve their educational goals because you know it’s part of a bigger picture in their life.

Education: (Formal or Certifications):  

B.S. Chemistry, University of Miami
M.B.A. Ashland University
PMP PMI Institute
Master Black Belt Six Sigma
ITIL Foundations v3
Microsoft Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – MSProject 2010
Security Clearance DOD/NASA – Secret

Other Information: The reason that’s my favorite quote is because at times in your life, you look at your future and you’re confident in exactly what you want to do because you’ve seen the cake before. At other times, you’re uncertain, perhaps scared, because it looks inviting yet unfamiliar. At those times, we have to look at ourselves, build our confidence, perhaps take a calculated risk, and bite the cake.

So if you’re not sure of whether you can put in the hours of study, whether you’re smart enough, or whether you can pass the PMP exam, I’d challenge you to believe in yourself, in your capabilities, and bite the cake. Launch yourself into a future that the PMP can provide – but only through you.

Ben Rinehart

Professional Development & Technology Development

My Core Values: Quality, Integrity, Fidelity

My Favorite Quote:  “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” – C.S.Lewis

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Background:  My love for technology began when I was very young. My dad worked for a software development company and would regularly bring home new technology. One of my earliest memories is of my dad teaching me and my brothers how to play the original Prince of Persia game on a floppy disk. My mom encouraged my creative side by instilling in me a love of beauty through music lessons and encouraging me to be creative in my play.

Today I am a designer and software developer who specializes in front-end and UI/UX design principles. I have a passion for making great, highly usable online spaces that people will love to interact with. My goal is that you will truly enjoy the time you spend on our website.

Education: (Formal or Certifications):  

Bachelor Liberal Arts Malone University, Canton, OH
Software Development Certification The Software Guild, Akron, OH

Other Information: I have absolutely loved working on GlobalProject.Management. I have been truly blessed to have worked with such dedicated and talented individuals. This has been a huge learning opportunity for me as I have done my part to help bring Dr. Harpool’s vision of a cutting edge online project management training company to life.

Sheri Spagnola

A Practical Guide to Passing the PMP Exam: Training for Success

My Favorite Quote:  “The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know” – Albert Einstein

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Background:  Sheri graduated in 2013, with a Master in Professional Writing, MPW. She started her own business as a freelance Technical Writer for the past four years and has written articles, grants, patronage letters, a business math course and RFP’s.

In addition to writing she has also designed, edited and created promotional literature for Le Radici, Petrosino Wellbeing Foundation, Firestone, Diamond Elite Sports, SBN, Kent State Stark Writing Center and others. She also served one year as Co-Editor of the Writing Center Review at Kent State Stark University. At the same time, she compiled, marketed and lectured on topics for writing workshops at Stark State College of Technology as well as conducting speaking engagements at 2nd April Art Gallery.

Education: (Formal or Certifications):  

Master Professional Writing, MPW, 2013
Bachelor Bachelor of Arts English, 2011
Associate Associate of Arts, 2008

Other Information: This is her first collaboration with the highly talented team at Global Project Management Information System Services and her first co-authorship with Jack Harpool PhD, Project Management Professional PMP.

Johanna Pizor

Administrative and Human Resource Management Planning

My Core Values: Belief, Loyalty, Achievement, Enthusiastic, Integrity, Learning

My Favorite Quote:  “Success is on the same road as failure, success is just a little further down the road.” — Jack Hyles

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Background:  As a young child my parents instilled in me the concept that whatever I put my mind to I could achieve and that hard work and dedication pays off. In high school I was more driven by employment rather than my academics, it was the way that I learned. Academics did not provide the necessary stimulation I desired.

Upon graduating high school, I was offered a position as an assistant manager of a 3.2-million-dollar clothing store, as a teenager this was pretty exciting!! Here was where my business passion began. Incurring debt while attending college was not an option in my opinion thus creating a long road to obtaining my desired degrees. Upon receiving my degrees, I knew that my heart was in the business world however living in a small town there was a lack of opportunity. After searching I found a position in a marketing department where my abilities were confirmed.

My passion for: graphic design, photography, sales, product design, sales analysis and statistics all came together creating a renewed drive for business. During my time in this position I was blessed with a baby girl who changed me into someone I never thought I would be… a Mom. The best decision for the family was for me to be a stay at home Mom. Since then two more blessings have entered into my life and my aspirations of working were put on hold. Feeling the need to have a career again part time I stumbled (literally) into my current position with GPMISS. My desire for both productivity and developing the skills of others has been renewed and refreshed.

Education: (Formal or Certifications):  

Associate Marketing, Stark State College
Associate Management, Stark State College
Sales Including – Cars, Wedding dresses, clothing; distributor, wholesale and small business pet supplies
Big Box Purchasing For 4 departments including home décor, baskets, artificial flowers, and candles
Work Experience Marketing/Merchandising/Design/QA/sales analysis/trade show displays for a manufacturing company

Other Information: Without my faith and the support, encouragement, and prayers of my husband I would not be able to develop my talents and live life to its fullest each and every day.

Ubeda Shahira Sawda

Consultant Advisor (Exam Development)

My Core Values: Belief, Loyalty, Achievement, Enthusiastic, Integrity, Learning

My Favorite Quote:  “If you want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse”

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Background:  My childhood dream was to be a teacher. I pursued my BSc. in Chemical Engineering and MBA in Management. It helped me learn both the technical and managerial aspect of Organizations. Later, I pursued my US MBA in Project Management and MIS.

After graduating, I have worked for different universities in Bangladesh. I have enjoyed working as a teacher as every new semester brought new projects for me. Every single student was different. In GPMISS, my pleasure was to work in a team that believes in teamwork and inspired to transport something great to the students.

Education: (Formal or Certifications):  

B. Sc. Chemical Engineering
M.B.A MBA (Management), North South University
M.B.A MBA (Project Management-, MIS, minor in Business Analytics), Ashland University
Six Sigma Green Belt Ashland University

Other Information: I have been a mother during my Bachelor in chemical engineering, and then I developed an attitude of “To me, nothing is impossible”. The unusual training method of GPMISS, their extraordinary team, and their commitment to work excite me to be a part of this organization.

Ali Boussagfi

KSA Translation Liason

Asif Khan

Resource Procurement &
Video Production Specialist

Caleb Rinehart

Video Specialist

Cassandra Gibson

Video Production Specialist

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Jonathan Lincon

Copyediting Specialist

Kyle Kurezewski

Video Production Specialist

Susan James

Administration, Enrollment Outreach & Operations

Thanya Fernando

Operations Consultant – Marketing