Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep Course


All projects require some form of management. Whether you are studying to pass the PMP® exam or you have already passed the exam and need to freshen up on the PMBOK® Guide this course is for you.

Drawing on the years of practical real world experience, Dr. Jack Harpool, PMP will walk you through the PMBOK® Guide in a way that makes sense and brings key concepts together in a logical, real work format.

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GlobalProject.Management is offering a dynamic series of pure on line video sessions and educational material you use in learning how to Pass the PMI PMP Exam. Called the “Project Management (PMP) Exam Prep Course”, this course will emphasize the principles, practices, student performance learning objectives and PMP Exam tips, that simplifies how the student can easily pass the PMI (Project Management Institute) PMP Exam.

PMI’s PMP Exam is not an easy exam to take. It has 200 exam questions and it allows 4 hours to complete. The questions on this exam are often considered vague and tricky. It is not an easy undertaking….but the exam can be passed. And we can help you. You are not alone in this daunting undertaking. We are with you!

Our education platform uses condensed and focused material consisting of 41 video based -Contact Hours. Finishing the video training hours allows you to sit for the PMP Exam. The minimum number of contact hours required by PMI is 35 Contact hours.


What you will get when you enroll in the online Project Management (PMP) Exam Prep Course:


  1. 100+ Video training sessions by renown Author, University Professor, Consultant and Trainer: Dr Jack D. Harpool PMP
  2. Embedded and narrated Video Glossary of Project Management Lexicon terms and definitions to help you understand the context of project management. COMING SOON!
  3. Sample PMP type exam question and answers that will test your knowledge of the PMBOK text book
  4. Video Summary of Student Performance Learning Objectives for each chapter of the PMBOK text. The PMBOK is the study book that hundreds of thousands of students have read numerous times before taking their PMP Exam.
  5. Manual: A Practical Guide to Project Management Principles: Training for Success, Pass the PMP Exam. This hard copy manual is a condensation of each PMBOK chapter and is written like a story book designed to make the PMBOK more understandable.It starts with Student learning objectives, PMBOK chapter detail outline and Chapter Summary that answers the learning objectives and reviews the chapter material at the same time for easy recall.
  6. “Project Management (PMP) Exam Prep Courseand Free download of Templates. The material consists of knowing the ten (10) PMBOK Knowledge areas and the Five (5) PMBOK Process Groups. The uniqueness of how to start, run and close down any project is discussed and is presented throughout each of Dr Harpool’s video sessions. There is a deliberate attempt to simplify and use many real life and practical illustrations and examples that the student is able to immediately relate to and apply, while at the same time preparing to take the PMP exam and regardless of the industry you are working. Free templates are available showing their value as they are referenced in the video lectures.

Dr. Jack HarpoolDr. Jack Harpool PhD, PMP is a former Professor at The University of Akron, and Accomplished Author- 6 college level textbooks used at over 350 Universities. He has served as a Program Manager for a Fortune 500 Company, and as a (Retired) Lt Colonel Assigned to the Pentagon. In addition, Dr. Harpool designed, developed and delivered 3- MBA Project Management Specialization courses for Ashland University (Ashland Ohio) which was successfully awarded GREP status by PMI.

He graduated from US Command and General Staff College. Some of his business experience includes Systems Integration in University Projects, Hospital Information and Long Term Care Systems, Strategic Business Consulting, Design-to-Build Construction projects and Department of Defense (DOD) IT Projects. Jack also holds a Bonded Construction Contractor License.


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