Over the years PMI has established a baseline and set of standards or “rules” of Project Management. This is a way to hold all Project Management Professionals with a PMP® certification “accountable” or guide them through the work that they do. (The knowledge and practices described are applicable to most projects most of the time.) PMI® states that the PMBOK® Guide is a foundation upon which organizations can build methodologies, policies, procedures, rules, tools and techniques, and life cycle phases needed to practice project management. There are baseline charts, glossaries, commonly used terms, tools and techniques and many more tools within the PMBOK® that will help you before you take your PMP exam as well as during your time as a PMP®. Below is a list of guidelines/rules that PMI® sets for all Project Managers:

  • PMI®’s Lexicon of Project Management Terms- provides the foundational professional vocabulary consistently used by PMP®’s
  • Instills confidence and promotes wise decision making. By reading, reviewing and performing skills set by PMI®, each project manager will be given the power of confidence to respectfully lead a team and project, all while making honest decisions that best meet the needs of the Scope of the project.
  • Other important values vital to the success of your project are; taking real responsibility, this means in terms of yourself and your actions, the project, deliverables, customer satisfaction, your team, the outcome and every other facet of the project that you can think of or encounter along the critical path. Fairness will also need to be practiced. Be fair with the company, or sponsor, your team, and yourself! This is called “PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct” ®

Here is the challenge- Think of the ways you can improve upon the guidelines and rules that PMI has in place. They are there for a reason and if used properly will make you better than ever at Project Management. What can you improve upon? How can you improve? Think of this and take action! You and your team will recognize the difference and thank you in the end! Let us know your thoughts! What do you do to be the best PMP you can be?   Onward to Excellence!